SPECIAL For Class of 2025

The Pre-Application Status Evaluation – Click to Learn More

Wondering how your plan stacks up at this point in time?  Do you have the right list?   Should you add or delete colleges?  Should you take the SAT or ACT again?  Or take them at all?  Can your family afford the cost of the colleges on your list?  Will you be eligible for any college aid or scholarships? How much money will need to be borrowed?

This first-of-a-kind program will answer all of those questions, and more.  Those who purchase this package will know exactly where they stand with admissions, funding, tasks to be finished, and more.  You’ll also get our recommendation for whether you can or should finish the project on your own or with our help.

The Senior Crush Express Package – Click to Learn More

If you could benefit from some help to get over the finish line, our Senior Crush Express Package is what you need.  Complete your applications, get essay help, manage your time and finish up as soon as November.  Work with an Admissions Specialist and get it done right!

Also available:  Optional assistance for financial aid, college major and career path and additional essays.