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Introducing Cost HERO

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CNN Business recently profiled Cost HERO and urges readers to set up college spending guardrails before the college search.

Cost HERO is designed to help you create a comprehensive college budget in just a few minutes. Whether you’re planning with or without borrowing, our tool provides a clear picture of your financial options. Simulate a four-year funding plan, receive guidance on borrowing, and explore ‘what if’ scenarios to make the best decisions for your future. It’s user-friendly and currently free, so you can use it as much as you like and share it with anyone who might benefit.

Key Features of Cost HERO

Enter Data

Enter some basic financial data to get started.

Your Plan

Simulate a four-year college funding plan with or without borrowing.

Guardrails Tab

Receive general guidance on borrowing and understand the impact on your credit score.

Printing & Saving

Easily print your plan to pdf to have a hard copy for reference. Or, have it sent directly to your inbox.

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