Pre-Application Status Evaluation

Our Most Frequently Asked Question:

“We’re feeling pressure to begin the college process – how do we get started?”

If you’re like most of our clients, this question has most likely crossed your mind, too.  Similar to any bodily ache or pain, when it gets bad enough, you’ll see a doctor.  And the doctor will perform a series of diagnostic tests to determine what’s wrong and what the treatment plan should include.

College planning is similar.  As seasoned Admissions Specialists we need to evaluate and diagnose the situation with assessments specific to college planning.  Without a diagnosis, any proposed “treatment plan” for college admissions is likely to be random, hit-or-miss, unfocused, one-size-fits-all.  But that won’t happen to you!

We invite every prospective client to invest in our Diagnostic & Evaluative program in order to:

  • assess your current status,
  • define and clarify what you hope to accomplish,
  • receive our informed recommendations about how to proceed
  • remove and and all doubts about your specific path to college success

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