Case Study

Divorced Parents


The Challenge

The student and her family needed to search for colleges that would consider only the custodial parent’s financial contribution, while not sacrificing other educational goals such as personal and academic fit.

How We Were Able to Help

The family contacted SFC to present their challenges, and to find an advisor to partner with to
balance college dreams with financial complications. Financial Advisor Todd Fothergill and Admissions Specialist Adele Horwitz joined together to address the complications of balancing a dream college search list with very real financial matters.

The Goal

The goal was to craft and implement a plan to focus on specific academic goals of the student that maintained her individual needs and wants as the priority while also remembering the importance of her need for real-world financial planning.

The Plan

We helped identify colleges that offered top-notch programs in the student’s desired career field and that had campus environments in which the student would thrive, and cross reference that with colleges that permit families to submit financial information from only the primary custodial parent rather than all known parents. This drastically changed the financial responsibility put on the student, and is key to securing her academic future.


We met weekly to ensure all boxes were checked and that the student was supported every step of the way. After crafting wonderful essays, improving test scores, filling out every detail on applications, and following through with all the additional tasks, the student received admissions offers to a range of colleges. She was well-suited with merit-based aid to challenge offers, and ended her search by accepting an offer at a wonderful college that comes with a sizable financial aid package based on both need and merit.

The Benefit

Through careful review of finances, school policies, and finally admissions offers, we were able to guide the student and her family to a college in which she will be wonderfully successful and the family will remain financially stable.


“Adele was a fantastic counselor for [my daughter]. She was informative, knowledgeable, kind, and insightful. We definitely learned lots about the admissions process and were guided appropriately. Adele reviewed essays, had weekly calls, and provided the necessary structure to meet all deadlines effectively and efficiently.”

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