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We listen to each student’s unique story and expertly guide them through the significant transition from home to college. Through the process, they develop a sense of agency and confidence in themselves, making them ready to thrive at the college that’s right for them.

Your Family

Parents want the absolute best for their child, and college is no exception. Balancing these best intentions with family financial security is integral to our process. College costs have risen astronomically since you attended, making it critical to find the best college at the best price.

The Solution

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Our Stats: 32 Years of Experience

We measure three key metrics of a well-adjusted, happy student!









4-year Graduation



 Our Process

Using a project plan approach, we developed a Milestones to College™ method to use throughout the process. Engaging all stakeholders, we structure a student-centric, step-by-step plan designed to promote time management skills and a sense of self discovery. We view this project plan through three equally important lenses: Academic Fit, Personal Fit, and Affordability. This three pillar approach is a firm foundation for students and families as they move through this transition with confidence and without stress.

Our Tools

To give each specialist on your team the tools to implement our Milestones to College™ plan, we developed our proprietary tool, the CAP Index™ (College Admissions Profile) as a way to find the best schools for your student’s unique profile. Our goal is simple–to present options where your student will fit in, be challenged academically and that the family can afford. To learn more, visit our free Learning Center where you’ll find a series of videos.

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