Official Web Page – 2024 CV Starr Scholarship Program

Welcome Stowe High School Class of 2024!

Thanks for your interest in the C.V. Starr Scholarships.  We look forward to expediting your application.  To ensure a smooth application process, please adhere to the following instructions that pertian to the submission of your financial information.  Note that we are aware of the slowdown impacting processing of the 2024-25 FAFSA.  If you are unable to access your Student Aid Report, just let us know.  You will not be penalized.

Instructions For Submitting Financial Information

Click Here to Access Financial Statement

NOTE:  If you are having difficulty getting the FAFSA processed, just let us know.  We understand the problem.  No applicant will be penalized due to FAFSA processing issues.

  1. The natural or adoptive parent(s) in the household in which the applicant lives should complete the Family Financial Statement.  If a parent is remarried, the form should include information about that parent’s spouse or partner.
  2. Gather the financial aid awards from colleges to which you have been admitted and which have provided an official offer of financial aid.  An official offer of financial aid will typically include the following:  Total Cost of Attendance, grants, scholarships, Federal Student Loans, College Work Study.  If you don’t have an official award letter, please request one.
  3. If you do not have the award letter from the college you hope to attend, REQUEST IT FROM THE FINANCIAL AID OFFICE and have them send it to you ASAP.  If for some reason the college cannot provide your award letter due to FAFSA slowdowns, please let us know.
  4. Proceed to the Award Letter Evaluation tab in the UPPER LEFT  of the Financial Statement.  If you don’t see the TABS, refresh your browser.
  5. Enter the award letter information for up to eight colleges.  Please enter your #1 choice in the first row.
  6. Submit the form when you have finished. You will be returned to a “Thank You” page on the Strategies For College website.
  7. Now, locate and upload your Student Aid Report.  Refer to this page for help with Student Aid Report.
  8. Upload all award letters
  9. You’re done!

Thanks for applying, and good luck!

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