Welcome to College Cost HERO

The Cost HERO tool allows you to easily create a college budget – with and without borrowing – in just a few minutes.  Right now, it’s FREE, so you can share it with anyone who might benefit.

It’s also easy to use.  For example:

  • There are four additional tabs in the upper left corner of the tool (see below)
  • Enter Data is where you will enter most of your data
  • Your Plan simulates a four year college funding plan for one student – with and without borrowing.  You can add or remove student and/or parent borowing on this tab. To make any other adjustments to the plan, return to Enter Data, make your changes, then return to Your Plan.
  • Guardrails provides general guidance about borrowing for college and how potential college debt could impact your credit score. Your debt-to-income ratio (DTI) is automatically calculated for each scenario.
  • Printing is easy.  The command is embedded at the top of the tool.
  • Save your work.  To save your work click Submit. You’ll get the entire workbook emailed to you within seconds.  Browser storage is enabled, but it’s best to get a hard copy using Submit.
  • Calculate “what if” scenarios by adjusting any data element and viewing the change in Your Plan
  • Tax Scholarship (the AOTC tax credit) eligibility is automatically calculated

We expect to be making improvements to Cost HERO on a regular basis.  Feel free to send suggestions or to ask questions at any time.  Email:  support@listhero.org

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