Use this form to assign Advisors as soon as you know who the Advisor(s) will be.  You may use it more than once for the same client if Advisors are not assigned simultaneously.  A copy of this form can be routed to if you like.  Currently, it is sent to TF to assist with payroll.  Thanks.


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Parent Name(Required)
This should be one of the parents
Student Name(Required)
Please enter email address for the person who should get paid for closing this deal. If fee will be split, use comments below to explain.
SFC Admissions Adviser
Who will be providing the college search and admissions services? If not yet assigned, please enter TBA.
SFC Financial Adviser
Who will be providing SFC college financial services? If client is not enrolled for financial services, please enter N/A. If Advisor is not yet assigned, enter TBA.
SFC Assessments Adviser
Who will be providing the student assessment services?
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.