Student Assessments & College List Services

Whether you are a CPA, CFP, RIA, or other financial services professional, it’s now possible to address the college funding challenge faced by your clients without becoming a Subject Matter Expert.  Offering these solutions to your clients with high school-aged college bound students clearly communicates, “I care” to those who depend on you for advice.  These services were developed exclusively for financial services professionals. 

Personality and Career Assessments:

There are three assessments, two are online and take about 25 minutes to complete.  The third is a written questionnaire. Up to three zoom calls are provided.  The final interaction is a wrap up call during which we review learning style, personality preferences, and most suitable careers and college majors for the student.  Parents are included in this call.   It’s an enjoyable process focused on the student’s natural strengths and talents.   Total Cost:  $900

College List Validation:

Most students have college lists which are too aggressive and as a result, they miss many opportunities.  Our method validates the college list with respect to getting in, fitting in, affordability and getting a degree in four years.  We use a proprietary tool called the College Admissions Profile Index (CAP) which evaluates the student’s GPA, test scores, curriculum strength, extracurriculars, writing ability, etc.  Recommendations are made with regards to the suitability of each college under consideration by comparing the student CAP Index with the CAP Index range of typically admitted students at each college.  Comparisons can be made for over 800 colleges.

The CAP Index can also forecast both the probability of admission and potential for non-need  scholarship funding at each college under consideration. 

This entails a 30-minute meeting with one of our Academic Advisors to gather information which includes family financial objectives, student academic information, standardized test scores, extracurriculars, writing ability and any special needs and/or other special criteria that need to be satisfied by each college.  Our findings and recommendations are communicated to the family in a 45-minute video call.  Total Cost:  $600.

College List Optimization:

This is a follow up to College List Validation.  If the original list does not include at least six colleges that would view the student as an attractive applicant, or in our opinion, would not be providing the financial aid or scholarship funding to make enrollment financially realistic, we construct a new college list.  We identify up to 20 schools that would be better fits both financially and academically. This includes 3-4 hours of additional interaction with the Admissions Specialist to discuss and refine the college search criteria.  Total Cost:  $900.

To learn more, contact Linda Waters at Strategies For College, Inc. by email to or by calling (888) 485-7299 Ext – 706.