College Funding Services

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College is expensive and the financial details can be complicated and confusing. A College Funding Specialist evaluates your current situation and works with you to determine the best payment strategy, because taking loans and/or writing checks is usually not the best strategy. Financial aid and merit scholarships notwithstanding, most clients find a more efficient way to pay for college with this service.

Note:  Major Changes Coming Soon

The terminology and methodology associated with “Expected Family Contribution” and “EFC” will be retired  for academic 2024-25 and replaced with the terms “Student Aid Index” and “SAI.”  Additionally, a new method of determining aid eligibility will replace the current federal methodology.  If your student enrolls prior to Academic 2024-25 you will encounter both of these methodologies and you may see drastic changes in your financial award across two years.

Your SFC Financial Specialist will know how to advise and guide you through this change.

Pricing Information

Single Payment is $2,700

5 Payments total $2,950

Pricing will vary based on your preferred payment selection. When you are ready, click the ‘Let’s Get Started’ tab and fill out the form. You will be taken to a page where you can choose your payment option and check out.

Scope of Services

Your College Funding Specialist Will:

  • Provide an accurate estimate of your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) for FAFSA and for CSS Profile using financial data you provide
  • Update the EFC as needed if your financial circumstances change in such a way as to impact your aid eligibility
  • Explain the differences among Federal Methodology, Institutional Methodology and Consensus Methodology so you know how each college on your list determines aid eligibility
  • Provide detailed aid eligibility for grants, scholarships and federal student loans (subsidized and unsubsidized) at each college under consideration
  • Assess preliminary eligibility for campus-based merit scholarships
  • Design a college funding plan for each year of college – i.e. How To Pay For College using data you provide and show you how to apply this plan for the college of choice
  • Assist with preparation of FAFSA and CSS Profile (if required)  and review these forms prior to submission
  • Assist with any compliance measures required by colleges with respect to additional documentation (i.e. tax returns, federal verification form, CSS IDOC, etc.)
  • Review (translate into English)  financial awards and clarify student and parent financial obligations to the college
  • Assist with appealing aid award when appropriate
  • Assist with FAFSA/CSS Profile for each year of college
  • Email support as needed for general questions

Let's Get Started

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