Personality and Career Assessments Package

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Our unique combination of world-class personality and career assessments was specifically developed for high school students as they approach all the big decisions related to college, and even beyond college. We appreciate that you’ve entrusted us with guiding your student’s college process.  Each student works individually with Linda Waters an accredited career specialist, who administers and interprets the assessments and shows the student how to apply the results to their college search and application process and much, much more.

A Few Highlights

  • Key Benefits For Students

    The assessments are comprehensive and confidence-boosting. They are delivered and reviewed by an accredited career specialist using an individualized approach to help our clients discover their unique natural talents and passions.

    • Reduce the stress of the college search process
    • Help to understand your student’s individual learning style
    • Discover your student’s natural strengths and talents
    • Boost your student’s confidence in their college direction
    • Identify best-fit career options and college majors

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