College Funding Services

College is expensive and the financial details can be complicated and confusing. A College Funding Specialist evaluates your current situation and works with you to determine the best payment strategy, because taking loans and/or writing checks is usually not the best strategy. Financial aid and merit scholarships notwithstanding, most clients find a more efficient way to pay for college with this service.

Payment Options

Special Note Regarding Extended Payments
If you choose an extended payment plan, your first payment will include the “sign up fee” in addition to the first month’s payment. Subsequent payments will be for the monthly payment amount only. In addition, our payment processor may require that you create an account with them. If so, just follow the instructions provided. Thanks.

A College Funding Specialist Can

  • Provide detailed college aid eligibility analysis with grant, scholarship and student/parent loan estimates
  • Assess preliminary eligibility for campus based merit scholarships
  • Determine, if any, financial boundaries for college selection
  • Design college funding plan for each year of college – i.e. How To Pay For College
  • Estimate SAI (Student Aid Index) for FAFSA and EFC (Expected family Contribution) for CSS Profile
  • Discuss use of Consensus Methodology
  • Assist with preparation and review each financial aid document prior to submission
  • Review financial awards (as appropriate) and clarify family financial obligations to the college
  • Provide forms review for each year of college