Client Agreement

Strategies For College, Inc. provides college admissions, college funding services, student personal assessments and standardized test prep services.  We are providing this online agreement in order to allow you to conveniently choose and pay for the services that best fit your needs.  If at any time during your engagement you have questions, do not hesitate to contact your advisor.  In the spirit of a mutually beneficial agreement, we adhere to the following and ask you for the same:

Our Responsibilities

  • Be accessible to both you and your student as needed for the duration of this agreement
  • Advise and assist you and your student to prepare for direct interaction with college officials, faculty, and/or coaches
  • Provide quality information and professional advice consistent with the guidelines set forth by The National Association for College Admissions Counseling
  • Maintain your personal and financial privacy
  • Assist with defining tasks, plans, and schedules in support of college selection, applications, essays and financial strategies

 Your Responsibilities

  • Submit timely, accurate and complete information as needed to support meetings, milestone events, and deadlines
  • Maintain the confidentiality of copyrighted documents received (i.e., do not share information with any third parties)
  • Provide timely disclosure of disabilities, counseling, medical, or legal circumstances which may impact our advice
  • Interact directly with college officials to resolve student/family-specific issues regarding admission and financial aid
  • Submit admissions and financial aid applications, and standardized test score reports (when required) to the colleges and pay associated application fees
  • Advise us of any changes in address, phone numbers, email addresses, or applicable payment information


We do not guarantee admission to any college or university, nor can we guarantee college funding from any source. Nobody can.  We do not provide legal, tax or investment advice. We do not assist with seeking third party (private, non-college) scholarships. Contact your high school guidance office for third-party scholarship sources and information.  Absent very unusual family circumstances and without a specific power of attorney, we cannot directly interact with college officials on your or your student’s behalf.

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  • Payment Terms: We accept all major credit cards. Services may be financed for up to 10 months with a 3% fixed finance fee on amounts not paid in advance. If you finance your purchase, your account will be charged for the initial payment, plus the finance fee. Subsequent payments will be charged on the first business day of the months in which payment is due. The card processor assumes that the address listed for "where student resides" is the address of the card holder. If not, change the student address to the cardholder address. Then, enter the student's address in the text box above. Thank you. Term of Agreement, Cancellation & Refund Policy This agreement may be canceled at any time, by either party with notice by email. If you cancel within five business days of the date signed below, a refund of the initial payment less $250 will be issued. If you cancel the agreement after five business days of the date signed below, a refund of your initial payment less $250, less an additional $250 per hour for any work initiated will be issued.
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