Admissions and Assessments

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This program has been designed for those families who are prepared to pay the full cost of attendance at any college to which the student admitted. We work with the student to identify colleges that “fit” academically, socially and personally. Then, we assist with applications, essays, final decisions and everything in between from A-Z.

College funding and need-based financial aid are not part of the scope of services.

Payment Options

Special Note Regarding Extended Payments
If you choose an extended payment plan, a finance fee between $100 – $350 is added to the services fee.  You will make an initial deposit followed by either six or ten equal monthly payments.

If you choose an extended payment plan, your first payment will include the “sign up fee” in addition to the first month’s payment. Subsequent payments will be for the monthly payment amount only. In addition, our payment processor PayPal may require that you create an account with them. If so, just follow the instructions provided.