9 Client Benefits

With our unique counseling model, you can get what you need – when you need it – in one place.

We’re often asked what we do that is not done in the high school guidance office.  What prospective clients really want to know is whether it’s worth it to hire us.  That’s a fair and reasonable question.  According to feedback from past clients, here are THE TOP 9 REASONS why working with us will be very enjoyable and create a disproportionate return on your investment.

Reason #1:  We get results.  Our students find the right colleges as evidenced by the 95% retention rate over the past two decades.  Compare this with the national average of 66%.  We also help our students generate an average of $56,000 in campus based merit scholarship funding for their undergraduate years.  That’s an average of $14,000 tax-free dollars per student, per year of college.  In short, our students are attending colleges that “fit” - socially, academically, emotionally, financially and otherwise.

Reason #2:  Availability & Focus.  This is a full time profession on which we spend 100% of our time.  No class scheduling, no disciplinary meetings with teachers, nothing but college admissions and financial counseling 100% of the time, 24/7/365.

Reason #3:  Longevity.  We have been around for 25 years and have reinvented ourselves to accommodate the changing needs of families as technology has gotten better and better.  Our experience is very broad in that we have assisted over 5,000 families – at every level of financial strength – and students across the ability spectrum –  in 24 states and four countries outside the United States.  We do not subscribe to the theory that one must attend a brand name, elite college to be successful.

Reason #4:  Respect and recognition within the financial services community.  We provide ongoing training for financial professionals so they in turn can educate their clients about college financial aid eligibility and college funding.  Our courses are offered on the internet through ProPLAN Advisers, LLC and in classroom settings through the Boston Tax Institute and other professional groups.  Our courses have been approved for professional continuing education by the CFP Board of Standards and many state CPA societies.

Reason #5:  Accurate Data.  We maintain a private (proprietary) in-house data base that is updated annually from many sources.  Relying on a single source of information sometimes leads to bad decisions.  That’s why we comb so many sources.  Everything in our data base is verified by multiple sources.  And we only follow what we consider to be the top 455 colleges.

Reason #6:  Creative & Unique.  Our first of a kind counseling model integrates college selection and admissions strategies with sound financial planning and college funding strategies.  Very, very few professionals have this capability.  This allows you to avoid colleges that will not fund you to the level at which you are eligible.  Our model caught the attention of the financial community way back in 1996 when we were interviewed by Bob Veres for his publication, Inside Information and for the Dow Jones Investment Advisor.  Mainstream publications like Boston Magazine and The Journal of Financial Planning have also cited our work, and recently,The Chronicle of Higher Education interviewed Company Founder and Managing Director, Todd Fothergill about how we help families make college affordable.

Reason #7:  We visit colleges on a regular basis.  And lots of them!  In the past three years alone our staff has visited over 130 colleges.  And these are not “drive bys!”  We take the time to visit with students, administrators and faculty.  We test the quality of the food and check out the dorms.  This allows us to make more appropriate college recommendations for you.

Reason #8:  We are continually updating our skills.  We are students of the financial aid system and how colleges employ the use of enrollment management and scholarship leveraging to get the best first year class possible at minimal cost to themselves.  Which end of that playing field would you like to be on?  If you are seeking money for college, you need this information.  If you’re one of the fortunate few who don’t, we wish you well.  

If you are among those who prefer the “Do It Yourself” approach, don’t get seduced by the glut of “free” information on the web.  Get real.  Good information from a reliable source is going to cost you something.  If you must go it alone, use our very inexpensive membership program and get the job done right. 

Reason #9:  We are completely independent.  No advertising affiliations on our websites.  No colleges to whom we owe allegiance.  Just 100% pure, unvarnished, fee-based advice based on decades of experience in the trenches with families just like yours.  Yes, just like the picture below implies, we are very different.

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