Module 6: Personality, College Majors & Career

An Impactful Coaching Program for College Bound Students Seeking Direction

The average college student changes majors three times.  Sixty-one percent of college students take more than four years to complete a bachelor's degree.  We are confident that this module will allow our students to avoid this problem.

This program is designed to help high school students identify “best fit” college major(s) and corresponding career options following a professional assessment of their strengths and natural talents. This module will also reduce stress and increase confidence as students move toward their college years.

Scope of Services:  Utilizing the expertise of a qualified career consultant and proven personality and interest assessments, students will be able to identify:

  • the underlying aspects of their unique personality that will make them better communicators and aware of their best learning and studying styles,
  • suitable college majors and career options,
  • satisfying internships, clubs and summer jobs to provide the exposure necessary to fully explore a potential area of interest

Interactions and Timeline:

  1. An introductory call with the student to explain the program, answer questions, and guide them on how to approach the assessments to achieve best results.

  2. Student receives assessment instructions and schedules meeting with career specialist.

  3. Assessment review(s) with career specialist until closure is attained.

Cost:     $695

Typical time to complete:    2-3 weeks

Module is finished when:    All assessments have been completed, student has reviewed the results with the SFC career specialist and student can explain the basics verbally to the career specialist.

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