Module 4: College Essays, Common Application and Stress Management

College Essays: This module begins with a half-day seminar during the summer before the senior year conducted by staff who specialize in assisting students with college essays.  While we cannot and do not write essays for students, we can help them brainstorm for suitable and appropriate topics, refine their approach to the topic, provide editorial input and make sure the real “voice” of the student is expressed.  Students will have a chance to review and critique sample essays using criteria we supply.  This is perhaps the most neglected area in the college admissions application especially with regard to the greater emphasis many highly selective colleges place on the applicant’s writing ability. 

Includes the basic essay for the Common Application plus up to eight supplemental essays.

The Common Application: We walk students through the Common Application and any new changes to its format. We manage the application process from initial setup through online submission of the core application and up to eight required supplements for each college.  In addition, we will:

  • Show students how to coordinate faculty letters of recommendation, high school counselor evaluations, transcript release forms and official SAT/ACT score reports with the submission of the application so that each document (ideally) arrives at its intended destination on time
  • Review the Common Application & Supplements prior to submission using in-house quality control procedures

Cost:  $1,695 – prepaid

Supplemental essays, scholarship essays, honors college essays, etc., beyond the eight that are covered in this module will be billed at an hourly rate of $150.

Typical time to complete: 12-16+ weeks depending on start time

Module is finished when:  Common application and supplements have been reviewed by counselor and submitted by student.

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