Module 3: Custom College Search, Admissions Counseling & Interview Prep

This module allows the student to get an objective evaluation of his/her chances of admission to selective and highly selective colleges using our Personal Assessment and College Admissions Profile (CAP). The CAP Index is a proprietary and strictly quantitative measurement of a student’s competitive position for admission at the 450+ colleges in our data base.  It has proven to be highly accurate in assessing the academic credentials to be evaluated for admission.   Includes:

  • review of 11th Grade PSAT (or diagnostic ACT or SAT) and review of Myers-Briggs or Do What You Are assessment to determine appropriate test strategy,
  • thorough evaluation of the high school transcript and extracurricular activities,
  • calculation of “college gpa” based on core courses,
  • exercise to clarify family priorities for college selection,
  • discussion of the family priorities from exercise above,
  • identification of 18-24 colleges at which the student has a reasonable chance for admission, that fit the family’s financial criteria, and are good “fits” for the student’s identified priorities,
  • assist student with researching and refining candidate colleges to 8-12 preferred schools,
  • visit and interview coaching,
  • “demonstrated interest” counseling,
  • discussion of the essential activities when visiting a campus,
  • essentials of meeting with regional admissions officers, faculty and department heads,
  • guidance on attending college fairs and “open houses,”
  • provide opportunity for quantitative and/or qualitative observations of each college visited to make meaningful comparisons

Cost:  $2,695 – includes some assistance for those seeking merit (non-need) scholarships or preferential need based financial aid packaging[1]

Typical time to complete: 3 months depending on start time

Module is finished when:  Final list has been determined

[1] (Average merit scholarship in 2017 was $15,028 per per student, per year)

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