Module 1: Affordability, Aid Eligibility & Money For College

This module is designed to walk you through the maze of rules surrounding college aid eligibility and includes:

  • a thorough analysis of your current financial position (Expected Family Contribution or EFC) as calculated by the actual formulas used by private colleges and the federal government to determine eligibility for need-based grants, loans and jobs
  • determination of your “current status” and one or several “strategic alternatives” as appropriate to your situation
  • our proprietary “affordability review” calculation and advice about how to best arrange your financial resources for the long term
  • demonstrate the use of various combinations of cash flow, borrowing and assets (for both student and parents) to show the options available for financing college

To summarize, you get:

  • An “optimized” EFC
  • Forecast of your eligibility for federal and institutional need-based aid
  • Personalized affordability review – a customized college funding strategy

Cost:  $995 prepaid

Typical time to complete:  1 Month

Module is finished when:  Spreadsheet is delivered and discussed

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