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If you want to attend a selective college or university and need some objective advice about where to apply, you've found the solution.  

The CAP system is based on the Annual Survey of College Admissions conducted by the National Association of College Admissions Counseling.  That survey identifies the specific criteria used to make decisions by admissions officers across the nation. 

What’s interesting about the survey results is that the top three criteria have not changed since the first survey was completed nearly 25 years ago.

CAP will help you determine your “fit” at the top 457 colleges in the United States in less than an hour.  It will compare your grades, curriculum strength, standardized test scores and extracurricular activities with those of typically admitted students at each college.

Over the years, CAP has proven to be a powerful and accurate forecaster of admissions probability and scholarships for thousands of students just like you. 

Bottom Line:  It works.  Give it a try!

Yours for college success,

Founder & Managing Director

P.S. - Spend less than one hour in our Fitting Studio and leave with a great college list.  It's that simple!

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