About The Program

Thanks for your interest in our comprehensive admissions services.  The program was initially designed by Todd Fothergill, our Founder.  It has been enhanced over the years to where it it now:  the crown jewel of the college planning industry.  It is the only program we know of that integrates these three critical elements:

  • college search/selection/admissions strategy,
  • student personal assessment/competitive position and
  • affordability – such that what you’ll need to pay for each year of college made clear and transparent

The program has been used for over 30 years to serve over 10,000 families in public and private high schools and in our our private practice.

Please click the button below  to review the scope of services, terms, conditions and fee for these services.  A PDF document will open in a new tab.   You may print this for your records.  Then proceed to the next steps below.  We look forward to assisting you.