One Size Does Not Fit All

So here you are ready to design a college admissions campaign. Congratulations!

You have spent endless hours parenting, preparing and providing opportunities for your child and then discover that your high school either cannot provide the quality time or the specific expertise your child needs to have a sucessful college search and admissions outcome.  And that's exactly why we're here and why we developed this grouping of services.

Over the years, we've found that the majority of parents and students prefer a customized approach tailored to their specific circumstances.  Let's face it:  Not everyone needs every college planning service under the sun!

Our Modules provide specific focus on key areas you will face.  From selecting a major to the intracacies of funding higher education, you'll find exactly what you need. They were designed for families who seek professional assistance for a limited amount of time on a specific topic with a clearly defined "end" to the service.  And you can add "ongoing support" at your discretion.  

Each module includes an appropriate amount of interaction, support and counseling which is noted under “typical time to complete” in the detailed descriptions.  Click any Module’s link below for more details and current pricing.

Modules may be purchased separately or in combinations, and don't feel that we don't want to continue working with you upon completion of the Modules you select. On the contrary, many clients opot for "ongoing support" which may be added to any Module for a discounted hourly rate..

Those who purchase any three modules receive a generous discount along with "ongoing support" at no charge through the first semester of college.

A small investment in good advice pays big dividends in the confidence it will inspire in you and your student.

Speak with your SFC Advisor for more details.

Module 1 - Affordability, Aid Eligibility & Money For College

Module 2 - Financial Document Prep, Award Letter Evaluation & Appeals

Module 3 - Customized College Search Enhanced With Visit & Interview Counseling

Module 4 - Guidance For Common Application & Professional Essay Critiques

Module 5 - Guiding Student Athletes Through Recruitment and Admission

Module 6 - Personality, College Majors & Careers:  A Self-Discovery Program For High School Student

Module 8 - After College: Navigating Today's Job Search

Stand-alone hourly rate:  $190-$250 depending on scope and seniority of Advisor. 

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